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PHP/MySQL Development

Web Tech is one of the best Web Professional Training institutes in Lahore of its kind.  Web Tech PHP Professional training courses from beginner to advanced levels covers real-time project training. Web Tech  PHP  course modules are specially designed to train professional PHP developers for its own Web house. All PHP training is taught by industry-experienced instructors.  Web Tech make sure you learn everything needed to put your new skills into practice in the Web House. We like to make sure you have fun, learn lots and leave delighted!

Web Tech PHP Course Outline

Course Outline

  • PHP programming fundamentals
  • Strings functions
  • Arrays functions
  • HTML/CSS & forms
  • Work with frames
  • Use cascading style
  • Use hyperlinks
  • Work with images
  • Work with java script
  • Understand the CGi protocol
  • File handling in PHP
  • Email handling in PHP
  • Object oriented PHP
  • Session handling
  • MySQL basics
  • Extended PHP
  • OOPS in PHP 5
  • Exception handling in PHP 5. XML / SOAP
  • Encryption & security
  • Web application performance
  • Template engine
  • Internationalization
  • AJAX
  • JQuery

What is PHP MySQL Technology

PHP is popular web hosting application. PHP and MySQL both are essential components in content management systems. It is easy to learn and get a good career with a PHP Web Professional. Web Tech PHP Professional makes development of a website very easy, not only static website also dynamic web pages, because all the code required is contained within the PHP framework. PHP:{ Hpertext Pre-processor programming} is a form of computer scripting language, which was originally designed for the production of dynamic web pages. PHP is basically script based and server side programming language. PHP is easy to learn, PHP is easily customisable, PHP is widely used, PHP is secure, PHP is open source and free. PHP bineds together HTML (used for web page design), Databases (such as MySQL) which are used for data storage, management and Analysis, and programming.

MySQL is a Database Management System. MySQL is what is known as an Open Source SQL Database. SQL is a standard interactive and programming language for querying and modifying data and managing Databases. MySQL is very fast, reliable, and easy to use.

The Scope of PHP MySQL

Though client side languages like css, java script remain the core of web design, they lack the ability to manipulate information on demand, or communicate with web servers, the result is a static web page. You need to use some programming language to develop dynamic web sites. PHP is the best programming language used to create dynamic web pages. PHP also includes the ability to almost completely separate code from HTML. For larger, collaborative web projects this method is ideal because it allows web designers to work on the layout of the webpage without interfering with the PHP code aspects. PHP is widely used nowadays. PHP is free and cost effective and hence more and more web professionals are leaning towards PHP and mysql. So there are more and more PHP jobs generated Hence it is advisable to learn PHP to be in a position to get a lucrative PHP professional career . PHP is a fully object oriented language and is platform independent and helps to build large and complex web applications. It is easy to integrate with web pages . PHP integates vey well with mysql. PHP is cheap because it is open source. PHP is one of the major languages any web developer should learn. Web Tech offers 100% placement for PHP course students.

Skills needed to learn PHP MySQL

Practically anyone can learn Web Tech PHP Professional course. Even +2 students can enroll for a PHP Professional course because Web Tech Deliver  basic knowledge of Html, Xhtml,CSs ,Javascript and Ajax may help master the PHP programming. At Web Tech Web Professioanl trainging Centre  undertake PHP program for those who join the PHP Course without any basic knowledge..

PHP is easy to learn.

PHP is a powerful tool to build dynamic PHP websites, Yet PHP is very easy to learn and run efficiently on server side. If you have some knowledge of c, c++ or some other scripting language, it is pretty easy to pick up PHP technology. Even otherwise it is quite easier than many other programming languages. You can even learn online.There are many sites offering online PHP tutorials now a days.Though it is always better to learn it from a realtime PHP professional . Icannons infotech is the best PHP institute in hyderabad.

Why should you learn PHP MySQL at Web Tech

Web Tech is is one of the best PHP institutes in Lahore offering professional PHP training . Backed by realtime experience in handling complex PHP projects, using one to one student oriented PHP training methods, 100% dedicated PHP faculty, icannons infotech is one of the best PHP instiutes nowadays in hyderabad. Learning from people who are realtime experienced helps. Icannons PHP institute is the best institute to learn to PHP and mysql in hyderabad. It is our aim to train top raned PHP Developers.

PHP careers in Pakistan.

There are actually two ways to make money from PHP programming: become a freelance programmer or get a full-time job. PHP programmers are in great demand both as freelancers and as fulltime PHP programmers. With PHP Certificate from a good PHP institute like Web Tech, a well settled PHP career is awaiting for you. There is no dearth of freelance PHP projects. You can have a well settled business as a freelance PHP programmer. Online business is quite lucrative and you can even become an enterprising PHP enterpreneur or PHP consultant. Icannons offers 100% free placement service to the students of PHP institute.

FastTrack to PHP / MySQL

Web Tech FastTrack to PHP / MySQL training course combines the 2 day instructor led FastTrack to PHP / MySQL class, with 6 months access to our Learning Management System (LMS) including course slides and demos, discussion forums, extensive PHP MySQL glossary, additional exercises and samples, and other online learning support.

The 2 day classroom course is run monthly at our London centre or available at your own location, and is a great way to get up to speed on using the PHP Language on top of the MySQL database. The course is suitable for anybody new to PHP and MySQL, and whilst you may find it useful to attend our DreamWeaver CS5 Getting Started course first is is not necessary for attending the course.

Course Schedule

  • Mon, Wed, Fri  | 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Tue, Thr, Sat  | 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Duration & Frequency

4 Months (17 Weeks)
2 hrs class, 3 classes a week

Training Methodology

  • Lectures & Demos by industry experts
  • Project Driven Hands-On approach
  • Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry
  • Projects, assignments & quizzes for student's evaluation


  • Students & Graduates of Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Students & Graduates of any other discipline looking for future in IT
  • Web Programmers & Web Designers
  • Any other person willing to learn Web Development

Whether you are looking to get ahead in your chosen career, or start a new career from scratch.
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